Joint Venture

Lankford Ventures offers joint venture investment capital for retail and single-tenant office and industrial properties throughout the Delmarva Region or the whole United States. Utilizing our proven strategy of investing in high-quality real estate with creditworthy tenants, we are seeking partnerships with experienced real estate operators for property acquisitions, new development recapitalization and repositioning of existing core properties.

You may want to consider a joint venture with us!

Lankford Venture provides a strategic alliance to form a partnership and be able to share our resources and expertise (intellectual property, assets, knowledge, and, of course, profits). Joining venture with us offers a great advantages and rest assured that there is no transfer of ownership in the deal involved.

Why Form a Joint Venture with Us?

  • To combine resources. Lankford Ventures can offer a wide resources for your business and may have clout to ensure the success of the venture.

  • To combine expertise. Our expertise and your expertise will be utilized together to its maximum level that will be beneficial to both parties. In additional, there is a greater room for growth.

  • To save money. With us, you can reduce the cost such as advertising your business, maybe at a trade show or in a trade publication.

The Benefits of doing business with Lankford Ventures

We can work together on a joint project, while still maintaining the rest of our business apart from each other. A major joint venture advantage with us is that it can help your business grow faster, increase productivity and generate greater profits. This includes:

  • access to new markets and distribution networks

  • increased capacity

  • sharing of risks and costs (i.e. liability)

  • access to greater resources, including specialized staff, technology and finance

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